Languages: English & Spanish for Latin America

Pronouns: she/her


Why work in Linguistics according to Sabrina:

CONSTANTLY IMPROVING – Within the realm of linguistics as many of you know language is diverse, and constantly evolving. Sabrina enjoys that as language grows and changes she has the ability to improve it and improve her skills alongside it.


And Who is Sabrina?

Sabrina is an avid jogger and the only lady of the house with three young boys and a beloved husband! When’s she not meeting up with friends on the weekend to enjoy asado argentino she’s greeting the dawn as an early riser.



Sabrina speaks up with Pride

Sabrina is glad people can speak up and express their feelings and likes when it comes to who they feel they are inside or who they care about.


From the desk of María Team Lead within

Sabrina’s amazing subject matter knowledge is reflected in the quality of the work she delivers every time! She makes sure to ask relevant questions to perform her best, and is always willing to make room for our projects in her busy schedule. We consider her a positive example and role model for our newer vendors, just beginning their partnership.