World Heritage Day - 2022






These concepts surround the human condition. For centuries people have built monuments, houses of faith, and even tourist attractions that help spread understanding of the places different people call home and have created history. In 1982 World Heritage Day was established by UNESCO’s General Conference to be celebrated every April 18th. The purpose was to spread awareness and action surrounding preserving disappearing cultures and natural heritages globally.

The 2022 theme of World Heritage Day is Heritage and Climate. While there are many opinions and scientific research surrounding climate, the message TransPerfect wants to share with you today is that you are already a part of the solution World Heritage asks for. Linguistics is essential in preserving monuments, inhibiting cultural understanding, access, and education. Thank you for collaborating with us!

It is very human to ask, what more can we do? Every person must ask that question of themselves individually and embarks on their best answer.

Suggestions can range from:

  1. Education about your local community
  2. Diverse education on climate change, disappearing cultures, and preservation efforts
  3. Donations to conservation entities
  4. Volunteering in your local community at established sites or attractions
  5. Creating an established site or attraction for your local community
  6. Supporting different sites or attractions through thoughtful tourism
  7. Exploring carbon-neutral options


Take time for a Wellness Break courtesy of World Heritage Day!

Yesterday trending on Twitter was an interactive request.  Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan tweeted, “Today is #WorldHeritageDay. Tell me about your city without naming it. Let’s see if we can identify it by the heritage it holds.”

We enjoyed checking out the responses during yesterday’s end of day. We hope you enjoy them too. It’s also not too late to participate.

As mentioned earlier, a career with TransPerfect inherently contributes to the mission of World Heritage Day. It also allows for flexibility, easy access to a remote lifestyle, and collaboration with one of the best Language Service Provides (LSP) globally. Now that travel and experiences have become available again, and we understand the desire to work hard and live fully. We want to be a part of that journey for you. In a previous freelance blog, we discussed how to take a holiday and remain a prominent collaboration with TransPerfect. We invite you to start today.


Happy World Heritage Day!


Sincerely, Vendor Experience