Leap 1st with an Introduction

Welcome to Step 1 in our “How to Get More Work” Series Focusing on Introduction!


While every profession has a healthy degree of competition, the linguistic field has enough work for everyone, and most long-term successful collaborations begin with a simple email introduction.


Here’s our recommendation on what a practical introduction should include when working with our TransPerfect Family of Companies:


1. Your Name

2. One comprehensive but concise sentence outlining your expertise

3. In a conversational tone name drop clients, you have permission to mention

4. A memorable, yet professional, piece of information that the person you’re writing to could relate with


For Example: While I enjoy being a new mom working from home allows me the freedom to create a stable professional schedule and work with noteworthy clients.


5. A positive ending, thanking them for their time and consideration


Other than times when you’re applying for a project, here are the situations where an introduction will still propel your prospects forward:  


  • Immediately after you have access to job platforms, such as TransPerfect’s Project Director

  • After any long-term breaks

  • When you gain access to a new contact, team, or department


Remember, within linguistics teams, clients and availability of work are continuously in flux. A freelance expert can successfully ride the wave of these factors by beginning with an impressive introduction. Please be on the lookout for sample introductions created just for you on the Hub!