13 Questions to Know Yourself Better as a TransPerfect Expert Freelancer

As Quarter 1 fades into Quarter 2, take a moment to ask yourself some questions that could improve the rest of your work year. 

1. Do you know how many words you can translate or back translate in a day?
2. What’s your scheduling style? Do you work better on several smaller minimum projects or massive projects with extended deadlines?
3. Do you understand and feel qualified to accept a Desktop Publishing project?
4. Do you make proper time for active wellness throughout the day?
5. How well do you know your TransPerfect project managers, departments, and vendor managers?
6. If you need help on a particular issue, do you know who to email to get it?
7. Do you know how to receive new certifications you might be qualified for or interested in?
8. Do you feel confident using all the technology TransPerfect provides?
9. Do you actively take the time to check out new courses and resources TransPerfect creates and provides on the ELC?
10. How many qualified resources have you referred to TransPerfect this year?
11. Is your contact and payment information up to date?
12. When asked to help improve freelance relations and support for yourself and your fellow Freelancers, do you participate in surveys?
13. Depending on your preferences, are you planning to get to know your fellow freelancers and TransPerfect connections through informal video chats, online forums, or in-person conferences?
We encourage you to be asking yourself these questions every quarter. Knowing the answers to these questions and being pleased with the results enriches our relationship with you and your experience with us.
Best Vendor Experience,